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What Your Church Website Says About You

Has your church allowed your website to get out of date, and OLD!?  If so, it is probably a symptom of greater problems within your church or organization.

If your website has gotten out of date, old and stale, your church probably:

  • Doesn’t have a full-time or even a part-time person devoted to communications and/or website maintenance.
  • Doesn’t know how valuable it is to keep your website updated, especially when the majority of new visitors check the church’s website before even stepping foot in the door for the first time.
  • Doesn’t realize that if the lead pastor doesn’t value or is ambivalent toward the church’s digital presence, then chances are that most of the staff and church won’t care much either.  The lead pastor must lead in this area!
  • Doesn’t realize that digital communication about your church should really be at the top of everyone’s list, not at the bottom, or perhaps not even on the list.
  • Doesn’t have a church communications director, manager, or even a volunteer to help with the Facebook page and the various communication channels.

(ht: Lauren Hunter)


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