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10 Common Worship Distractions


Too busy church, too many distractions

By Chuck Lawless

Worship is frequently a controversial topic, and it’s not my goal with this post to add to those debates. I also realize that the focus of worship is God. Any attention we give to the human component of worship might send us in the wrong direction, but that’s not my intent, either. I simply want us to think about aspects of worship over which we have some control – and that we might improve for God’s glory.

Based on my work as a church consultant, reports from our consultation “secret shoppers,” interviews with church members, and my own experiences, here are ten far-too-common distractions during worship services.

  1. Starting late. Our secret shoppers know to be present in the worship center prior to the publicized starting time and to record what time the service actually begins. A late start may be unavoidable, but too often the tardiness is seemingly due to disorganization and apathy. A late start seldom strengthens an attitude of worship.
  2. Poor sound and/or video quality. Occasionally this problem unexpectedly happens when the system malfunctions. At other times, it seems clear that either (a) rehearsal never occurred to detect and correct any problems or (b) leaders chose to ignore problems. Either one is unacceptable.
  3. Excessively loud music. I suspect my age is apparent here, but even some of our young secret shoppers have commented negatively on this issue. Increased volume may be appropriate in some settings, but it does not automatically strengthen worship. Sometimes, worship occurs best in the quiet.
  4. Incomprehensible choir or praise team words. The lyrics are probably great, but we cannot tell. The sound system may be poor, the singers may not enunciate well, or the music may drown out the words – but we miss the message while straining to understand the words. Simply including the lyrics on a Powerpoint would help.
  5. Grammatical and/or spelling errors on the screen. Granted, this error should perhaps not be a distraction. Surely, we can overlook an omitted apostrophe or misspelled homonym. On the other hand, God – and worshipers who are often well educated – deserve our best in presentation.
  6. Poor synchronization of presentation slides. The operator gets caught up in the worship and fails to progress to the next slide. Or, activity in the sound booth becomes itself a distraction for the operator. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to worship in song when the lyrics on the screen are measures behind the worship leader.
  7. Unclear directions. Worshippers – especially guests or unchurched attenders – do not readily follow everything that takes place in a worship service. Even our best secret shoppers sometimes feel awkward over such questions as: Who is the person speaking (no one introduced him)? Will they recognize guests (and will I be put on the spot)? Am I permitted to partake of the Lord’s Supper (no one explained it)? If the church does not take an offering, how do I give (again, no one guided us)?
  8. Poor lighting. The problem may simply be weak lighting; that is, uneven lighting in the worship center creates dim sections where reading the Bible is difficult. In some cases, delayed maintenance results in burned out bulbs. In others, a darkened room intentionally creates worship ambience – but also reflects a wrong assumption that all worshipers will be reading the Bible only on the screen.
  9. Bad preaching. This conclusion is subjective, but nonetheless truthful: worship is challenging when the preaching is boring or disorganized. It’s even more taxing when the sermon covers everything but the Bible.
  10. Crowd movement. To be fair, I admit that worship should so focus on God that crowd movement is not distracting. In addition, many folks we interview sit toward the back of a worship center, where the movement is likely more noticeable. Nevertheless, folks coming and going from the worship center – especially during times of prayer, reflection, preaching, and response – can be disruptive.

What other worship distractions have you noticed?

Chuck Lawless currently serves as Professor of Evangelism and Missions and Dean of Graduate Studies at Southeastern Seminary. You can connect with Dr. Lawless on both Twitter and Facebook.


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Homenagem – Feliciano Amaral

Feliciano Amaral (Miradouro20 de outubro de 1920) é um pastor e cantor de música popular brasileira cristã.

Feliciano Amaral nasceu na Cidade de Miradouro no estado de Minas Gerais.Filho de Júlio Augusto do Amaral e de Palmira Maria da Conceição, foi músicosapateiro e cantor popular. Foi batizado em 7 de março de 1943, na Igreja Batista de Muriaé. Em 1947 casou-se com Elza Rocha do Amaral.

Já na c

idade do Rio de Janeiro, estudou Teologia no Seminário Teológico Betel. Pastoreou várias igrejas inclusive a Primeira Igreja Batista da Pavuna, onde foi seminarista.

Começou as atividades como cantor evangélico em 1948.

Feliciano Amaral também está no Guiness Book como o cantor evangélico que está há mais tempo em atividade no mundo. No meio evangélico, depois de Feliciano Amaral atuando como cantores vieram Luiz de Carvalho (gravando o 1º LP evangélico em 1958, intitulado “Musical Boas Novas”), Edgar Martins (in memórian), Josué Barbosa Lira (in memórian), autor da canção “Só o Senhor é Deus”,Victorino Silva, dentre muitos outros pioneiros da música evangélica desta época.

Feliciano Amaral interpretou canções como: “Oração de Davi”, “Céu aberto”, “O mar”, “Ao meu Redor”, “Finda-se este Dia”,”O Rosto de Cristo”, “Rio Profundo”, “Sou Filho do Rei”, A Face Adorada”, “uma Flor Gloriosa”, “O Jardim de Oração” entre outras.

Em 2003 Feliciano Amaral recebeu um reconhecimento público, quando completou 83 anos, uma Moção de Aplausos e Congratulações da Assembléia Legislativa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro(Alerj). A homenagem foi requisitada pelo deputado Aurélio Marques, como reconhecimento pela dedicação de Feliciano Amaral à obra de Deus e á música cristã.

Em 2007, o cantor gravou o primeiro DVD ao vivo de sua carreira, em Recife, na Igreja Missionária Canaã do pr. Geziel Gomes.


  • 1948sem título, sob número de série 35001 – em 78rpm, contendo 2 hinos do Cantor Cristão [1]
  • Amor Glorioso / Graça Admirável
  • Meia Noite, Cristãos / O Primeiro Natal
  • Vozes Angelicais / O Mar
  • Feliciano Amaral e Conjunto Atlas
  • À Sombra da Cruz
  • 1961: Fica Conosco Senhor
  • O mar é criaçao do Senhor
  • 1963: Rio Profundo
  • Confia em Deus e O Filho Pródigo – Coletâneas com os melhores discos 78rpm
  • Sonda-me, ó Deus – coletânea dos compactos mais conhecidos
  • Saudade – coletânea com hinos do Cantor Cristão
  • À luz do seu amor
  • Cristo, A Única Esperança
  • 1967: Que Maravilha
  • 1968: 20 anos de Bençãos á sombra da Cruz
  • Dá-me tua mão, Pai
  • De Valor em Valor
  • 1973: O Eterno Fanal
  • Grande é o Senhor
  • Sou de Jesus
  • O Amor de Deus
  • A imagem de Deus
  • Céu Aberto
  • Jesus Companheiro
  • 1980: Deus Proverá – com músicas do hinário Salmos e Hinos
  • Oração De Davi
  • 1982: Sou Feliz
  • Feliciano interpreta a Harpa Cristã
  • Ao Entardecer
  • 1983: Desejo Ver Meu Rei
  • 1985: Da Manjedoura ao Madeiro
  • 1988: 40 anos de Bençãos á sombra da Cruz
  • Lindo Céu
  • Quisera sempre orar
  • 2003: O Bom Pastor
  • Paz no Vale
  • 2008: Especial 60 Anos – Ao Vivo
  • 2010: Especial 90 Anos – Jardim de Oração


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Tu és Fiel Senhor

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