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15 Concerns in Children’s Ministries

Are the children in your church vulnerable in any of these ways?

Are the children in your church vulnerable in any of these ways?

Recently, I spent time with a church that is upgrading their children’s wing. In the midst of those discussions, we talked about some of the common problems our Lawless Group consulting team sees in a children’s ministry. Here are 15 of those problems:

1. Too little space—Because children are active learners, rooms should be large enough to allow children to move around. In fact, some experts recommend a minimum of 25-35 square feet per child in the room.

2. Poor security—In many cases, our “secret shopper” parents choose not to leave their children in childcare because workers are unprepared for guests, do not seek contact information, do not have secure rooms and/or have no clear drop off/pick up procedure.

3. Old furniture—Children deserve clean, modern furniture that fits their stature. Adult tables and chairs don’t work well in a children’s department.

4. “Big people” decorations—I’m still surprised when I see bulletin boards at adult eye levels, high school age-graded maps and pictures with only adults in a children’s classroom. Somebody is not thinking enough about the learners in the room.

5. Incomplete sanitization—Infection spreads quickly through church nurseries and preschools, often because workers do not take adequate precautions to prevent it. We encourage workers to wear gloves when changing diapers, sanitize toys after their use and wash their hands continually.

6. Uncovered outlets—The younger the child, the less he/she recognizes the danger of an electrical outlet. This danger is easily reduced with an inexpensive outlet cover.

7. Windowless doors—Replacing doors is not inexpensive, but classroom doors should have windows. This change will not eliminate the possibility of abuse, but we must take every precaution we can.

8. No background checks or interviews for leaders—Despite potential controversy for the church that has never taken this step, no one who has not passed a background check should be permitted to work with minors. We also encourage interviews and reference checks with potential workers.

9. Securing incomplete information—Securing the name of a child attending a class or program is only a start. Leaders and teachers also need to be aware of a child’s allergies (e.g., nuts), the parents’ contact information and location, etc.

10. Poor teaching—Teachers who only lecture should probably not be teaching in the children’s department. Good children’s teachers focus on active learning while deeply loving the children they teach.

11. Too few adults—This issue is a difficult one, especially as congregations struggle to secure volunteers. Nevertheless, the standard should be clear: The church will avoid any situation where one adult is left alone with minors.

12. Leaders untrained for emergencies—It’s great for churches to have members who are nurses or EMT’s on call, but children’s leaders should know how to respond to a choking child, do CPR, operate a fire extinguisher, respond to a tornado warning and lead a class to evacuate the building if necessary.

13. Only minors providing childcare—I affirm the commitment to get teens involved in the work of the church, but minors alone should not be providing care for other minors. Even the wisest, most mature teens are still minors themselves.

14. No hall monitoring—Our consultants watch to see if children wander alone in church hallways during small group or worship time. Sadly, many do. If our shoppers could gain unimpeded contact with children, so can others with less pure motives.

15. Children released on their own—No child (even the staff’s children) should be released after a class or service unless an adult—a properly identified adult—comes to get him/her. Uncontrolled drop off and release times can be chaotic … and dangerous.

God really does love the little children—and so should we. What other suggestions would you add to strengthen children’s ministries?

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Não! Não posso, não devo, não quero viver como toda essa gente insiste em viver. Não! Não posso aceitar sossegado toda essa sacanagem, toda essa injustiça, toda essa miséria. Não dá para engolir tanta safadeza, tanta cara de pau. Não! Não dá para aceitar o egoismo e o cinismo que cresce dentro de mim e de cada um e nos devora a todos.

Ah! menino que habita em mim, que se esconde num canto de minhalma. Assobia, sussurra, canta, grita, chora. Me estende a mão. Me mostra o calor do sol no meio dessa gélida escuridão. Me fala de amizade, respeito, caráter. Me faz crer na bondade. Me enche de alegria. Inunda-me de amor. Sim! Me faz levantar e correr e dançar transbordando esperança e graça.

Contagia a mim para que eu possa contagiar a outros.

“Eu lhes asseguro que, a não ser que vocês se convertam e se tornem
como crianças, jamais entrarão no Reino dos céus.” Mateus 18:3

Bola de Meia, Bola de Gude
Milton Nascimento

Há um menino
Há um moleque
Morando sempre no meu coração
Toda vez que o adulto balança
Ele vem pra me dar a mão

Há um passado no meu presente
Um sol bem quente lá no meu quintal
Toda vez que a bruxa me assombra
O menino me dá a mão

E me fala de coisas bonitas
Que eu acredito
Que não deixarão de existir
Amizade, palavra, respeito
Caráter, bondade, alegria e amor

Pois não posso, não devo, não quero
Viver como toda essa gente
Insiste em viver
E não posso aceitar sossegado
Qualquer sacanagem ser coisa normal

Bola de meia, bola de gude
O solidário não quer solidão
Toda vez que a tristeza me alcança
O menino me dá a mão

Há um menino
Há um moleque
Morando sempre no meu coração
Toda vez que o adulto fraqueja
Ele vem pra me dar a mão


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