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What Your Church Website Says About You

Has your church allowed your website to get out of date, and OLD!?  If so, it is probably a symptom of greater problems within your church or organization.

If your website has gotten out of date, old and stale, your church probably:

  • Doesn’t have a full-time or even a part-time person devoted to communications and/or website maintenance.
  • Doesn’t know how valuable it is to keep your website updated, especially when the majority of new visitors check the church’s website before even stepping foot in the door for the first time.
  • Doesn’t realize that if the lead pastor doesn’t value or is ambivalent toward the church’s digital presence, then chances are that most of the staff and church won’t care much either.  The lead pastor must lead in this area!
  • Doesn’t realize that digital communication about your church should really be at the top of everyone’s list, not at the bottom, or perhaps not even on the list.
  • Doesn’t have a church communications director, manager, or even a volunteer to help with the Facebook page and the various communication channels.

(ht: Lauren Hunter)


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Why Vision Now Has To Be Refreshed Weekly



When it comes to casting vision to people in today’s distracted ever-connected world, vision does not just leak, it pours!

Every Sunday streams of people enter your church already filled to overflowing with information. But not your information. The vision you cast last week is gone. Long gone.

Where did it go? Well it didn’t just leak out through the week. The vision you cast last week was intentionally knocked around and it spilled from the hearts of your people. Like so much of today’s communication, your vision got lost in the tangled web of information overload.


May I Have Your Attention. Please!

Think about it. During the last week your people have been engaged in connected conversation 24/7. They have been force-fed hundreds of short messages, messages produced by professionals who have spent millions learning how to cast the vision of their products. The counter vision they cast is designed to convince your people to buy what they are selling, temporal satisfaction in an eternal world.

It’s Not Personal – It’s Just Vision Casting

Church leaders tend to be a perky bunch and can get pretty defensive when it comes to talking about their vision, and rightly so. They are the stewards and defenders of the vision God has entrusted to them.  The problem is they are not usually the best at measuring how effective they are at casting vision. More often than not church leaders either think they are casting vision enough, too much, or they don’t feel that casting vision is necessary at all.

When it comes to casting vision I suggest:

  • Do what works-here. Since most of us are in America and not in Rome, to reach our American target we have to learn to cast vision in a way that Americans can relate to. First, that means we have to learn to speak inthe language of today. Next, we have to embrace the fact that America is filled with consumers. That’s our target. Thankfully, large corporations have learned about our target demographic and done the expensive R&D for us, and what they learned is that repetition creates action and builds followers.
  • Take the test. Think you’re good? That you have cast enough vision? Hmmm. Okay then, I triple-dog-dare you to walk around your church before the service this Sunday and randomly ask people “What is the vision of our church?” If three different people instantly spew it out, you win a cookie and are in great shape!  But if they stumble over their words, or if you get three different answers, it’s time to back up, relearn, and release a new version of your vision casting machine.
  • Again, again, and again. Vision casting in our distracted ever-connected world is not a quarterly thing, or even a monthly thing. It’s an every week thing. Remember, vision no longer leaks, it spills!
  • Change it upHow you cast vision is just as important as when you cast vision.  There are a million ways to cast vision, and it should not just be limited to text or verbal communication on a Sunday morning. Every time people gather at your church, for any occasion, your leaders should already have a strategic vision casting plan in place.
  • Keep score. Just as you track the church finances, measure how well your vision is being communicated. It’s that important.
  • Move vision from the head to the heart (or it doesn’t count!) It’s not enough cast the line, you have to catch a fish! If you don’t move the vision from the head to the heart, it doesn’t count, nor will it help accomplish your mission.

The results of regular vision casting will make an eternal difference!


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