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Top 33 Church Logos

A good logo design is…

Distinctive. Memorable. And timeless.
It is aesthetically pleasing.

It is scalable, looking good while as large as a billboard or as small as a dime. It looks good in color as well as black and white. And it is simple enough that it can be applied to a media spectrum as broad as paper to plastic and t-shirts to websites.

Most importantly, a good logo communicates the unique qualities of its brand. A great church logo in and of itself does not create great church branding. But it does give a church the foundation needed to build a solid brand.

Below are the top 33 church logos in alphabetical order. They are chosen for the reasons listed above as well as by my subjective opinion. Keep in mind, I am judging only the logo by itself and not the supporting church branding.

I’ll be keeping the list updated as I come across other church logos worth sharing in the future. For now, enjoy the eye candy.


Access Church
Lakeland, FL

Bethel Temple
Hampton, VA

Bethel Temple Logo

Bethlehem Baptist Church
Minneapolis, MN

Bethlehem Baptist Church Logo

Christ Church
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Christ Church Hawthorn
Hawthorne, Victoria, Australia

Church on the Move
Tulsa, OK

Church on the Move Logo

Edgepoint Church
Knoxville, TN

Elim International Church
Wellington, New Zealand

Far Hills Community Church
Dayton, OH

Far Hills Community Church Logo

Four Corners Community Church
West Chester, OH

Four Corners Community Church

Granger Community Church
Granger, IN

Granger Community Church Logo

Harpeth Community Church
Franklin, TN

Harvest Church
Mobile, AL

Harvest Church Logo

Houston NW Church
Houston, TX

Houston NW Church Logo

Imago Dei Community
Portland, OR

Imago Dei Community Logo

Kaleo Church
Houston, TX

Kaleo Church Logo

Knoxville Life Church
Knoxville, TN

Knoxville Life Church Logo

Lake Hills Church
Austin, TX

Lakewood Church
Houston, TX

Lakewood Church Logo

Landmark Church
Jackson, TN

Landmark Church Logo

Mariners Church
Irvine, CA

Mariners Church Logo

Mountain Lake Church
Cumming, GA

Mountain Lake Church Logo

Northgate Free Methodist Church
Batavia, NY

Northstar Church
Frisco, TX

Northstar Church Logo

Oak Hill Church
Griffin, GA

Spokane, WA

Stonebriar Community Church
Frisco, TX

Stonebriar Community Church Logo

Times Square Church
New York, NY

Valley Community Baptist Church
Avon, CT

Valley Community Baptist Church Logo

Walls Down Church
Cincinnati, OH

West Coast Life Church
Murietta, CA

West Coast Life Church Logo

Word of Grace Community Church
Sheboygan Falls, WI

Word of Grace Community Church Logo

World Overcomers Christian Church
Durham, NC

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Top 90 Church Websites

Below you will find Church Relevance’s favorite church websites. Chosen for design, usability, and innovative ideas, we hope that these websites will also inspire you.

Alphabetical Order

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