New Bible Translation Focuses on Conversation

19 abr
New Bible Translation Focuses on Conversation
The Voice, a new Bible translation released this month, reads more like a screenplay or a novel.

USA Today featured a story on a new full Bible translation to hit the shelves this month from Thomas Nelson called The Voice. Interestingly, the name “Jesus Christ” is interpreted as “Jesus the anointed one” or “the liberating king” to emphasize that “Christ” is a title and not a name, and the text reads more like a screenplay or a novel. Lead scholar for the translation David Capes says he hopes “we get people to see the Bible — not as an ancient text that’s worn out — but as a story that they participate in and find their lives in.”

The title came from the translation of logos, which executive editor and publisher Frank Crouch said is typically translated “word” in other bibles. The translation’s website says, “Through compelling narratives, poetry, and teaching it invites readers to enter into the whole story of God with their heart, soul, and mind.” It also says “The Voice invites a generation of story-lovers to step into the Bible through a fresh expression of its timeless narrative. It recaptures the passion, grit, humor, and beauty that is often lost in the translation process.”

The Voice New Testament was available in November of last year, and the version of the whole Bible will be released this month.


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