The Changing Role Of Church Greeters

18 mar

In today’s always connected-all about me American culture, the role of the church greeter is changing.

No longer is a handshake and a bulletin enough to connect with the first time church visitor.  To connect with [the heart of] today’s visitor, greeters must wear several different hats.

One of the reasons for the change comes from the influence of the Web. Over the last few years Americans have gotten used to being able to access detailed information on the Web as well as make personal comments about their experiences, and rate what kind of expereince they had.  Like no other time in the history of the American church, visitors keep score and are paying more attention to how they and their families are treated.

In order to respond to today’s visitors, church greeters should not only be trained to cover the entire church E2E (Entry-to-Exit), but should also be trained to function in the following areas:

  • First Impression Specialist: Not only should the greeting team be the first ones to greet first time visitors, they also should be trained in how to greet. For example, does the greeter know how to identify a first time visitor, or what to say to them to make them feel the most welcome?
  • Guest Services Specialist: Does the greeter know how to quickly help the first time visitor feel relaxed and at home? Are they aware of the most common questions that visitors have? Questions like “Where do my kids go?”, “Where are the restrooms?”, “How do I get involved?”, or “How do I join?” (some visitors will be so excited about finally finding “their” church home that they will want to join right away).
  • Church Ambassador: Since greeters are ambassadors of your church, they not only should be able to state the church mission in one sentence (Why are we here?), but they also should be able to easily share with a visitor the vision of your church (Where are we going?).
  • Last Impression Specialist: What is the last thing your first time visitor remembers about your church? Is it bumping into other people while trying to leave the service and pick up their kids? Or is it a friendly “Thank you for coming!” that was joyfully delivered by a greeter that has been trained to love and serve the people at your church?
In today’s culture, the role of the church greeter is no less important than any other Sunday morning ministry. Maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at your greeters, cast new vision, and equip them to serve your guests a little beyond the norm. Do that, and watch the percentage of first time visitors that return again go up!
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