Meeting Needs…the Jesus Way

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Jesus asked a very important question in Mark 10:51. He said to a blind man, “What do you want me to do for you?” The man didn’t ask for a better understanding of eschatology or for a verse-by-verse study of Leviticus. No, he asked for something very specific and tangible and self-focused. He just wanted his eye-sight.

We are asking this same type of question as a staff nearly every day…

  • What does our community need help with?
  • What do the friends and neighbors of our church members need help with? What is the greatest need they have?
  • Do they need help with their marriage? Relationships? Money management? Do they have physical needs like clothing or food? How can we help meet these needs?

And without fail, every time we get focused on meeting felt needs–attendance grows and more people have an opportunity to hear how much they matter to Jesus.

As an example, this series starts in 2 weeks…

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